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Skookillfilms is the production name that all of my personal work falls under. I use the name for all of my personal projects, short films, freelance work, and photography. I’m always trying to improve myself and try out new ideas. Skookillfilms serves as an outlet to put out my personal work, as well as a portfolio that is constantly updating.

Have a look around and check out my work. If you would like to work with me on a project or hire me for a wedding or event, you can send me a message on the contact page.


Good Enough.

For the past 2 years, we've worked kinda hard to bring you another new skate video that's just good enough.

Filmed in Reading, Pottsville, Lehigh Valley, and other places in Pennsylvania.


Bobby Marhon, Joel Wood, Don Reed, Craig Mohl, Doug Downey, Matt Rathman, and the Homies. 

DVD copies can be picked up at Holistic Skate Shop in Reading, PA and Homebase Skate Shop in Bethlehem,PA.


Just out on a cruise through downtown Pottsville, we see the interesting view of what happens underneath the board. Filmed & Edited by Don Reed Skating by Craig Mohl Music: Breakestra - Hiding Filmed with the Canon 60D & Go Pro Hero

Deal With It.

Deal With It is skooKILLfilms' third full length skate video featuring skating by Joel Wood, Matt Rathman, Craig Mohl, and friends. This project started out being a video of leftover and throwaway footage, but ended up turning into a full length video. So if you are thinking, "Oh that footy looks pretty old." Deal with it.

Trick Tips with Craig Mohl.

Craig Mohl teaches you the secret of learning Hard Flips. It should be no surprise that they are pretty hard.

Keep it Slow.

A slow motion video using the Canon 60D. Shot at 60fps, conformed to 24fps. Skating by Craig and Joel. Duh

Santa's Bag of Tricks

What's that I hear coming down the chimney? It's Santa Clause bringing his big ol bag of tricks this Christmas. You'd better hope you were good this year. Starring Matt Rathman as Santa Clause.

Keystone Skateboards 2009 Promo

Keystone Skateboard Promo Video

Featuring: Matt Rathman, Kyle Keeler, Ryan Gilbert, Chris Gedney, and Ronnie Gordon