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Skookillfilms is the production name that all of my personal work falls under. I use the name for all of my personal projects, short films, freelance work, and photography. I’m always trying to improve myself and try out new ideas. Skookillfilms serves as an outlet to put out my personal work, as well as a portfolio that is constantly updating.

Have a look around and check out my work. If you would like to work with me on a project or hire me for a wedding or event, you can send me a message on the contact page.


Behind the Scenes Video

After you watch the Trick Tips with Craig Mohl video, check this out to see how it was made!

Filmed in 2 hours and edited in 3. Condensed down into a nice 3 minute package for your viewing pleasure.

Demo Reel Spring 2010

A compilation of everything I have worked on from college through my internship. 

This is getting a little dated now, but a fresh and updated Demo Reel is coming soon. I promise!

Block of Art Film Festival 2011.

skooKILLfilms presents a collection of shorts for the 2011 Block of Art Film Festival. You may have seen some of these before, but now they are blended together into one 15 short film. There's even some new stuff in there! Starring: Craig Mohl, Joel Wood, and Matt Rathman.

The Morning Routine.

A fun little video we made during our internship of the typical morning of a video editor.

Shot by Brett Miller Edited by Don Reed Music by Pee Wee SHOT ON RED


Tone Love  "Those Fightin' Phils" Music Video

A friend of mine introduced me to Tone Love (formerly of Tuff Crew) and told me he had a song he recorded for the Philadelphia Phillies. We shot the video over 2 days in Philadelphia. One day on the streets and another night at a Phillies game.

Story Time with Max.

Max Tells a Story about a commercial shoot he was on with live bears. Even though this was our only episode, it was still a really interesting story!