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Skookillfilms is the production name that all of my personal work falls under. I use the name for all of my personal projects, short films, freelance work, and photography. I’m always trying to improve myself and try out new ideas. Skookillfilms serves as an outlet to put out my personal work, as well as a portfolio that is constantly updating.

Have a look around and check out my work. If you would like to work with me on a project or hire me for a wedding or event, you can send me a message on the contact page.



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It all started out when me and my friends used to film short videos of us skateboarding around Pottsville. Back then it was just messing around and having fun, but the more videos I did, the more interested I became in learning how it all worked.  I really wanted to tell stories through video and pictures.  Then came college.

I went to Kutztown University, studied communications and graduated with a Bachelors degree in Electronic Media. 

Today, I am a professional videographer and photographer who specializes in quality post production.

My career has taken me to some amazing places so far. I've worked on television and internet commercials, short films, weddings, and, of course,  I still do skateboarding videos when I have the time.

If you're interested in learning more about me and my work, please click on the contact page and send me a message.  Id love to talk with you about what I can do to promote your business or capture the memories of your special event.

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