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Skookillfilms is the production name that all of my personal work falls under. I use the name for all of my personal projects, short films, freelance work, and photography. I’m always trying to improve myself and try out new ideas. Skookillfilms serves as an outlet to put out my personal work, as well as a portfolio that is constantly updating.

Have a look around and check out my work. If you would like to work with me on a project or hire me for a wedding or event, you can send me a message on the contact page.


Combining Two Passions into One Career at Empire Beauty School

For Empire Beauty School graduate Kayla Smith, the road to her dream career wasn’t always clear.

Cosmetology was somethings she had always been drawn to.  It was her creative outlet.  She had always loved beauty, trying new ideas and hairstyles on herself, her family and friends.  

Read more about Kayla's story here!


Yuengling's ice cream virtual tour

How and Where is Yuengling's Ice Cream made? That was the question everyone was asking... Now you can find out and learn the history of the company in this video!

To find out more about Yuengling's delicious ice cream, and where to buy it, please visit their website at:

Yuengling Oktoberfest at the Schuylkill Country Club

Schuylkill Country Club and Yuengling Brewery held the Inaugural Yuengling Oktoberfest Golf Championship & Brewfest, at the Schuylkill Country Club on October 5, 2014. It featured the game “Chesterfield”, a NEW way to play golf.

Checking In with Kristie McGunnigle at Arrojo Studio

Kristie McGunnigle shares her experiences in her apprenticeship at Arrojo Studio in New York City. Kristie has spent her time in New York City updating her style and hair - learning about trends and fashion while growing her knowledge of hair style and care.

Empire Beauty School Video News Release

Empire Beauty School hosted a round table discussion on the state of post-secondary education in the United States. This discussion was attended by Congressman Lou Barletta of Pennsylvania's 11th precinct.

Welcome to the Schuylkill Country Club

The Schuylkill Country Club approached me about doing a video to help promote the club. There were certain aspects about the club the owner wanted to highlight at the club, such as the golf course, food, and the swimming pool.

Weddings at the Schuylkill Country Club

In addition to the 'Welcome' video, the Schukill Country Club also wanted a video highlighting their wedding venue. A nice indoor and outdoor setting, great drinks, and fantastic food make it an ideal place to have your wedding.

Red Rose Transit TV Spot

Red Rose Transit in Lancaster, PA wanted a new commercial to continue with their "bobble-head" image.

I was in charge of this entire project through Max Films. I came up with the creative, wrote the script, went on the shoot, and did all of the graphic work.

Wellspan MRI Promo

This spot was meant to make patients more familiar and comfortable with Wellspan's Open MRI Machine. It is posted on Wellspan's website.

Shot on RED and Edited on Avid.

10,000 Villages Penn Cinema Spot

The idea for this was to shot an entire spot on an iPhone 4 using the Hipstamatic app. The results were pretty amazing, for a phone.

Penn Cinema plays this spot before movies, along with local advertisements.

Junior Achievement Spot

Brett Miller came up with the idea to shoot this spot in his old high school. A student volunteered to be the talent, as well as the extras.

The spot was shot on RED, and was edited in Premiere Pro.